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With the information you receive from us, you can reach the highest market price, if you know the real estate market, you can dictate. You can gain confidence, as you will not be embarrassed during a price negotiation, as you know exactly how much you can get for the property. You can find out everything about the property, its potential and the current market situation.

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The 3 biggest mistakes you can make when pricing.

And which can end up wasting time and money…


Uncertain, that's why it's underpriced. Although you will quickly get over the sale, afterwards you will think that I could have asked for more...


Since he starts from the advertised prices, and he also has a personal connection, he overprices the property and thus no one will need the apartment..


Because you overprice the property, nothing happens for many months. Then he finally loses his patience and gives it away for a price, just let someone take it...

4 benefits you can get with the help of evaluation.

Exploiting the benefits provides a clue to the sale.

  1. You will be prepared and confident

    You won't be embarrassed during a price negotiation, because you know exactly what you can get for your property. You don't have to worry about what to say to the buyer.

  2. The customer is nervous for you

    You'll negotiate with confidence because the price you're asking is right. Control is yours. And the buyer should offer more if he wants this apartment

  3. Sales price maximization

    Since we set the highest possible but still attractive price for buyers, buyers will compete for the apartment. This way you can guarantee the maximum price.

  4. Sales time minimization

    If the pricing is good, the time spent on the market is reduced to a minimum. That way, you don't have to pay for ads for months, and showing the apartment in your spare time can be done in as little as 30 days.

They said about us - those who have already worked with us.

See what people who have already worked with us have to say!

Tóth Roland

"It was a very good decision to contact the company when planning the sale, as we saved a lot of time and unnecessary rounds. Experienced professionals helped us determine a realistic price, so we were able to sell the apartment quickly, move to a bigger property and wait for the arrival of our third child."

Gaál József

"It is worth using the company's services for those who, like me, have little time to spend on selling the apartment, because they work a lot, and when they get home, they are reluctant to spend hours on it. In addition to the realistic price, we received a lot of useful advice with which we managed to select the right buyer. The apartment spent only a few weeks on the real estate market, and we can happily look for our new home."

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Here are the answers to your questions.

The target price is key when selling real estate. In fact, it is the most important marketing tool. We provide this information for a minimal fee, which can make a million difference in the end result. If you ask, we will of course help you with the entire sales process, if needed.

As much as possible. We are worth trusting because of 2 things. We have actual sales data, more than 10 years of experience, But since we predict what will happen in the future based on past data, there is always the possibility that market changes will override expectations.

No. The methods we use are the same. But we do not prepare 30-page documentation, so the result cannot be used in an official place. The specific goal is to establish the market value before selling. Of course, if an official estimate is needed, we can arrange that as well.

After the application, we will contact you and ask for the necessary data. Based on the data received, we examine the actual sales data of the last 6 months, the advertising portals, the KSH database, and our customer database. From these, we will compile the valuation, which we will send by e-mail. This can take up to a few days (depending on the load).

Yes, they are salespeople. And we are good at what we do. If you want to make sure, just feel free to put us to the test. We are aware that the profession is diluted, so we make serious efforts to be different.

It is undoubtedly in our interest to find customers who entrust their sales to us. But what you can be sure of is that we won't force or push anything. If you feel that you would like to entrust the sale to us, we are happy to undertake it. But if not, we were happy to help and that's it.

How much does a valuation cost?.

Currently, we can only undertake the assessment of the Budapest agglomeration and Budapest residential properties!



What does it contain??

We will contact you within 1 working day after ordering

Survey of the property

Preparation of analysis as described

Fresh title page

The result of the successful negotiation will be sent by e-mail



What does it contain?

We will contact you within 1 working day after ordering

Survey of the property

Preparation of analysis as described

Fresh title page

The result of the successful negotiation will be sent by e-mail

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